(Half Day Tour)

Bali King Tour advises and recommends half day Ubud Tour, visit Tegenungan waterfall (only for those guest who stay at Kuta area), Tegalalang Rice Terrace (only for those guest who stay at Ubud area), Ubud Monkey forest, Ubud Royal Palace and Ubud Art Market. This is a Bali Half Day Tour, a short trips (maximum only 6 hours) to visit, to explore and to enjoy the Tour Attractions in North Middle Bali area.
Maybe you like Watersport, Kuta Waterboom, rafting, ATV or Surf Lesson, try it



Tegenungan Waterfall
(only for those guest who stay at Kuta area)

Tegenungan Waterfall with its super heavy water. The natural curve is not only the beach, but also has many charming waterfalls. To enter this area a traveler needs to pay Rp 20k/person. Along the way to the waterfall, you will pass shops that sell a variety of souvenirs and swimsuits. Indeed this place hits in Ubud.


Tegalalang Rice Terrace
(only for those guest who stay at Ubud area)

The beauty of Tegalalang Rice Terrace in Bali has become one of the natural wonders of the world. This terraced rice field is recognized for its beauty because of its green and beautiful environment. Ticket IDR 10k/person


Ubud Monkey Forest

This protected monkey forest area is very popular with tourists visiting Bali. In the forest there is a temple that is used for Hindu worship and also a sacred pool. The towering trees combined with the green leaves and accompanied by the splash of river water make tourism in this place special. Ticket IDR 80k/person


Ubud Royal Palace

The residence of the king of Ubud (Tjokorde Gede Agung Sukawati) is named Puri Saren Agung or better known as the Ubud castle. The location of the Ubud castle is in the middle of Ubud. Free entrance


Ubud Art Market

Looking at the Ubud Art Market, just crossing a little from ubud castle, the Paradise of Balinese Specialties. Ubud is a paradise for those of you who want to find Balinese trinkets to make a souvenir. One of the centers is the Ubud Art Market which is the location for the film Eat, Pray, Love.

UBUD TOUR itinerary :

    • Pick up at 10:00
    • Tegenungan Waterfall (Kuta)
    • Tegalalang Rice Terrace (Ubud)
    • Ubud Monkey Forest
    • Ubud Royal Palace
    • Ubud Art Market
    • Back to Hotel
    • Book Now

Terms & Conditions :

  1. Included :
    • Tour duration 6 hours
    • Maximum 7 persons in the car
    • English speaking driver
    • Gasoline/Private Car
    • Car parking fee
    • Pay Cash on Delivery (COD)
    • Pay transfer via ATM
  2. Excluded :
    • Entrance tickets
    • Lost and found
    • Lunch/diner
    • Tipping for driver
  3. Over Time Rule :
    • IDR 50.000/hour
    • 30 minutes = 1 hour
    • Maximum 6 hours

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