(Half Day Tour)

Bali King Tour advises and recommends a Denpasar City Tour, visit Sanur beach, Bajra Sandhi Monument and Denpasar City Square. This is a Bali Half Day Tour or a short trips (only 6 hours) to visit, explore and enjoy the Tour Attractions in Denpasar City.
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Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is also known as Sunrise beach as opposed to Kuta Beach. This place is located just east of Denpasar, the capital of Bali. Some of these coastal areas have exotic white sand. Because it has calm waves, Sanur beach cannot be used for surfing.


Bajra Sandhi Monument

The Bajra Sandhi Monument or also called the Balinese Struggle Monument is a monument to the struggle to pay homage to the heroes and is a symbol of the preservation of the soul struggle of the Balinese people from generation to generation and from time to time and a symbol of enthusiasm to maintain the integrity of the State, located in Renon, Kota Denpasar, Bali. This monument occupies a very wide area, there are several soccer fields around it.


Denpasar City Square

Denpasar city square is located in the heart or zero point of Denpasar city. Here you can also visit the Bali Museum and Jagatnatha Temple.

Half TOUR itinerary :

    • Pick up at 11:00
    • Sanur Beach
    • Bajra Sandhi Monument
    • Denpasar City Square
    • Back to Hotel
    • Book Now

Terms & Conditions :

  1. Included :
    • Tour duration 6 hours
    • Maximum 7 persons in the car
    • English speaking driver
    • Gasoline/Private Car
    • Car parking fee
    • Pay Cash on Delivery (COD)
    • Pay transfer via ATM
  2. Excluded :
    • Entrance tickets
    • Lost and found
    • Lunch/diner
    • Tipping for driver
  3. Over Time Rule :
    • USD $3,5 per hour
    • 30 minutes = 1 hour
    • Maximum 6 hours

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