taman ayun temple

Located in Mengwi Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency, about 1 hour or 30 Km to the north from Bali international airport. Strategically located beside the main highway between Denpasar City to Singaraja City. It is located on the ground surrounded by a large fish pond and looks like it is drifting or floating on the water. This temple has a very beautiful garden, as the name implies, which means temple in a beautiful garden. Besides being beautiful, Taman Ayun Temple is also considered to have historical value, so in 2002 the Bali Government proposed to UNESCO that this temple be included in the World Heritage List.
Taman Ayun Temple is a family temple of the King of Mengwi to worship the ancestral spirits of the kings which is manifested by the construction of a Paibon gedong and also the construction of a meru-meru for worship and worship of the gods for the people of the Mengwi kingdom in asking for prosperity.
History of the establishment:
Taman Ayun Temple is the Mother Temple (Paibon Temple) for the Mengwi kingdom. This temple was built in 1556 Saka (1634 AD) or 17th century by the King of Mengwi named I Gusti Agung Putu. In the construction of Taman Ayun Temple, he was assisted by an architect who came from a Chinese descendant from Banyuwangi named Ing Khang Ghoew also often called I Kaco, a colleague of King Mengwi. At first, I Gusti Agung Putu built a temple in the north of Mengwi Village for the worship of his ancestors. The temple is called Genter Park. When Mengwi had developed into a large empire, I Gusti Agung Putu moved Taman Genter to the east and expanded the building. The expanded temple was inaugurated as Taman Ayun Temple on Tuesday of the fourth month of 1634 AD. Until 2021, every Tuesday according to the Saka calendar, a ceremony is held at this temple to celebrate the anniversary of the temple's founding.
Taman Ayun Temple has undergone several repairs. Major repairs were carried out in 1937. In 1949, improvements were made to the Kori Agung, Gapura Bentar and the construction of a large wantilan. The third repair in 1972 and the last in 1976.


How to get there?

Located in Mengwi Village, about 1 hour or 30 Km to the north from Bali International Airport

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taman ayun temple


What can you see there?

The Taman Ayun Temple complex occupies an area of 100 x 250 m2, consisting of an outer court and three inner courts, which are getting deeper and higher. The outer court, called Jaba, is located on the outer side of the pond. From the outer court there is a bridge across the pond, leading to a gate in the form of a short gate. The gate is the entrance to the inner court which is surrounded by a stone fence. At the entrance to the bridge and in front of the gate there are a pair of giant statues. To the left of the entrance, not far from the gate, there is a small substation-like building for guards. On this first page there is a wantilan (large open house or spacious building) which is used for ceremonies and also as a place for cockfighting which is carried out in connection with holding ceremonies at the temple. In the courtyard of this temple, there is also a fountain monument that points to the 9 cardinal directions. The first inner court seems to be split by a road leading to the gate which is the entrance to the second inner court. On the southwest side there is a circular building, which is a place to rest while enjoying the beauty of the temple. Next to the circular building there is a pond filled with lotuses and in the center stands a monument that radiates water to the nine cardinal directions. In the east there is a group of small temples called Luhuring Purnama Temple. At the end of the road that divides the first courtyard there is a gate to the second courtyard. This court position is higher than the first court. Right opposite the gate there is a barrier building, which is decorated with reliefs depicting 9 gods guarding the cardinal directions. In the east there is a small temple called Dalem Bekak Temple. In the west corner there is a Kulkul hall with a high roof. The third or deepest inner court is the highest court and is considered the most sacred. The main door, called Pintu Gelung (Gelung door), is located in the middle and is only opened at the time of the ceremony. On the left and right of the main door there are gates that are used to enter and exit the daily activities of the temple. In this courtyard there are a number of Meru, Temple, Gedong, Padmasana, Padma Rong Telu and other religious buildings. The whole temple complex depicts Mount Mahameru floating in the middle of a sea of milk.


price of admission

Most tourists who vacation to Taman Ayun Mengwi temple usually have a full day tour schedule. Full day tour activities, either by joining a tour package or making your own itinerary. A full day tour with a visit to Taman Ayun Mengwi usually with the main holiday route to the north/central Bali area and ending at a tourist attraction in south Bali. Because the location of the Taman Ayun temple is in the middle of the tour route and so you don't stay in the vehicle for too long. So most tourists will stop at the Taman Ayun temple tourist attraction so they don't get bored of traveling long distances. Because there is no public transportation available to get to this temple, the best way to go to Taman Ayun tourism object is to use a private vehicle, either a motorbike or a car. Chances are you will get lost if you don't know the atmosphere of Bali. So I suggest looking for a car + driver rental service in Bali, because the journey is quite far. By using a car rental service with a driver at our place, you can rest in the vehicle while traveling to tourist attractions.
Taman Ayun Temple Entrance Ticket Prices 2021 is

Domestic IDR 15,000 / Person
Foreigner IDR 30,000 / Person
Car Parking IDR 5,000 / Car.
Motorcycle Parking IDR 2,000 / Motorcycle.

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Tips and Best Time to Visit

Taman Ayun temple is open to the public every day from 08:00 to 18:15 and the best time to visit for domestic guests and Asian guests is around 16:00 so that the sun is not too strong. For foreign guests, there seems to be no problem with the hot sun so they are free to determine their visiting hours.
For vehicle parking, it is provided in the east of the temple area, if you go with a travel agent or private driver, you will be dropped off in front of the temple. If you have finished visiting, the driver will pick you up at the place where you were dropped off. Don't forget to contact the driver if you want to be picked up because the number of cars parked there is very large and you will be dizzy to find it (don't ever do this)

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