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The Kecak dance is taken from the Hindu Ramayana story which is very popular in India. The Kecak dance is a sacred dance that is played by dozens of people who do not wear top clothes, accompanied by sound music released from the mouths of the players. The names in this story are Sinta, Rama, Laksmana, Ravana, Hanoman, Paksi bird and some scary-looking monsters.


Rama and Lakshmana are siblings. It is told that Rama and his wife Sita are taking refuge in the middle of the forest. Because Sinta was hungry, Rama went hunting to catch animals. Sinta and Laksmana were told not to go. While Rama went hunting, Rama advised Laksmana to take care of Sita and never leave her alone even though Rama was in danger. After Rama left, came Ravana (a king in the land of Alenka, a kind of giant with a scary face, cruel, powerful and evil) where this king wanted to take Sita forcibly even though he already had a husband, with his magic he could imitate Rama's voice perfectly. From a location far from Sinta and Laksmana, Ravana shouted for help so that Laksmana came to pick him up. Hearing the screams, Laksmana spontaneously asked Sinta for permission to go and help his brother. But the permission was refused by Sinta. Because the screams were getting louder, finally Sinta told Laksmana to go help his brother, then Laksmana made a circle line with a wooden stick and told Sinta to be inside the circle of lines while saying "as long as I go to help Rama, never go out of the circle line. this." The circle line is a barrier, any person or evil beast cannot enter the line. So then Laksmana went to find Rama. When Laksmana was not near Sinta, Ravana came out and approached Sinta but he changed his face into a very hungry old man who needed help and was suffering a lot. Because Sinta felt pity and pity, Sita came out of the circle line and immediately Ravana changed his form to his original form and ambushed Sita, kidnapped her and fled to the land of Alenka. There is a Paksi bird who helps thwart the kidnapping but is defeated by Ravana's supernatural powers. How surprised Rama and Laksmana after returning from the hunt, Sinta was not there.
In this story, Rama and Laksmana have been searching for the whereabouts of Sinta for years. During their journey, they found the dying bird Paksi and told him that Sinta was kidnapped by a giant. They finally got signs of where the kidnapper was running, it turned out that while Ravana was carrying Sinta, he removed all the jewelry on his body one by one. With the help of Hanoman the monkey king who has white hair, magic, can fly, Hanoman was sent to look for Sinta and finally found where Sinta was taken and found out who the kidnapper was. In the land of Alenka, which is an island and is separated by the sea, Hanoman riots, ravages the country, until Hanoman is caught by a giant soldier owned by the land of Alenka. Hanuman was captured and burned alive. Because Hanoman is very powerful, he can escape and fly with fire and burn all the Alenka countries.
The Ramayana story in this session ends with a war between Rama and Ravana where Ravana was shot by Rama and Sinta was able to return to Rama's arms. Uluwatu's setting fits the monkey forest in the Ramayana.

How to get there?

From Bali International Airport to the location of the Kecak dance it takes about 30 minutes or 17 Kilometers by car
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price of admission

The entrance ticket to Uluwatu temple is IDR 60,000 for adults. The location where the Kecak dance performance is located is inside the Uluwatu tourist spot, so if you want to watch the Kecak dance you have to buy a ticket to enter first. After you are inside the tourism area, then you have to buy a ticket to be able to enter the Kecak dance stage with a ticket price of IDR 150,000 for adults. The Kecak Dance starts at 6pm to 7pm. We recommend buying Kecak tickets at 5pm for fear of running out.
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