Foreign Tourist Quarantine Period in Bali

Bali International Airport has been opened by the Indonesian government since October 14, 2021. Previously, The quarantine period which was originally 3 days has now been increased from 10 to 14 days. The policy was implemented on November 29, 2021, in response to the emergence of a new variant of the Covid-19 omicron which was first discovered in South Africa. Due to the discovery of a new variant of the Omicron corona virus, The Indonesian government has again tightened the entrance to Indonesia from abroad both Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals. The emergence of a new variant of SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.529 or Omicron has caused an increase in cases, especially in the Southern African continent. New International Travel Rules to Prevent Omicron from Entering Indonesia, Foreigners or Indonesian citizens who come to Indonesia who come from or have lived or transited from countries exposed to the Omicron virus, must be quarantined 14x24 hours at the hotel. During quarantine, foreign tourists are required to stay in the hotel at their own expense and carry out a PCR examination.
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11 countries that are prohibited from entering Indonesia

There are 11 countries that are prohibited from entering Indonesia. These countries are: South Africa, Lesotho, Eswatini, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Angola and Hong Kong. for Indonesian citizens who have just arrived from the 11 prohibited countries, they are required to quarantine for 14 days at a hotel at their own expense during the quarantine period.
If you are a foreign citizen who wants to enter Indonesia, make sure that you have never visited the 11 prohibited countries within 14 days. Indonesian immigration will see from your passport whether you have a travel history or have lived in the 11 areas that are not allowed to enter Indonesia. In applying the rule, Immigration will check your passport whether you are from the 11 prohibited countries or have visited the 11 countries. If you come from or have visited these 11 countries and insist on coming to Indonesia, the Indonesian government will forcibly deport you through immigration at the airport.

19 Countries That Can Enter Bali, indonesia

Foreign tourists who want to visit Indonesia are only allowed to enter through two international airports, as of Thursday, October 14, 2021. Both are Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali and Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport in the Riau Islands.
The Indonesian government announced a list of 19 countries of origin for travelers allowed to enter Indonesia, especially to Bali for tourism purposes. These 19 countries are :
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), New Zealand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, China, India, Japan and South Korea.

Then the countries from the European continent, namely :
Lichtenstein, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Hungary and Norway.

The Indonesian government said that for 19 countries that were allowed to enter Indonesia, the granting of visas was permitted for tourism and film-making purposes, including commercial purposes and attending education.
The Indonesian government stated that the determination of this requirement was based on the assessment guidelines from the WHO, which saw the rate of transmission and the capacity of the health system of a country being at level 1, namely low risk, namely countries with a number of confirmations of less than 20 per 100,000 population with a positivity rate of less than 5 percent. In addition to level 1, a number of level 2 or moderate risk countries can also enter Indonesia. Medium risk countries are countries that have positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 between 20 and 50 per 100,000 population and a positivity rate of less than 5 percent. This list of 19 countries entering Indonesia only applies specifically to direct flights to Bali. all types of travellers from these 19 countries can enter Bali as long as they follow the requirements before and upon arrival, such as attaching proof of complete vaccination (2x) with a minimum of 14 days before departure which is made in English and has a negative RT-PCR (the Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction) result within 3x24 hours.
Foreign tourists who are in Bali if they violate the health protocol rules, the Indonesian government will deport you immediately. So that you as foreign tourists are safe in Indonesia, never do the stupid things below:

  • Not wearing a mask in public area
  • Party exceeds 50% capacity

  • Conditions that must be met by foreign tourists to enter Indonesia:

  • Must show a Covid-19 vaccine card or certificate.
  • Must show a negative result of the Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test.
  • Must attach a short visit visa or other entry permit in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Must show proof of ownership of health insurance with a minimum coverage value of US$100 thousand. (Includes the cost of handling covid-19)
  • Mandatory to undergo quarantine for five days and perform a second RT-PCR test with negative results.

  • Sanctions for foreign nationals who do not comply with the Covid-19 health protocol rules

  • USD 70.00 or IDR 1,000,000 fine for the first offense
  • Deported if he commits a second offense.

  • Terms and methods for foreign nationals to enter Indonesia

    Currently, the Indonesian government has temporarily suspended the granting of free Visit Visa and Visa on Arrival (VOA) only for VVIP. Foreign nationals who are allowed to get a visa to enter Indonesia are: Diplomatic visa holders and service visa holders, Visit visa holders, Limited stay visa holders, Service Stay permit holders, Diplomatic Stay Permit holders, Limited stay permit holders (KITAS), Permit card holders permanent resident (KITAP), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (KPP APEC) Business Travel Card holders and traditional border crossers.
    Requirements for foreign nationals to enter Indonesia for the purpose of traveling: Must enter through airports in Bali and Riau Islands. In addition to the requirements related to the Covid-19 vaccine card and PCR test, you must attach a Short Visit Visa. Must attach proof of ownership of health insurance with a minimum insured value of US$100,000, equivalent to around Rp. 1.4 billion which includes financing for handling Covid-19. Other conditions, must attach proof of booking confirmation and payment for accommodation from the accommodation provider during quarantine and staying in Indonesia.

    International travel conditions

    What are the international travel rules that apply in Indonesia?
    Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport has been open since October 14 as long as it meets the provisions and requirements regarding quarantine, testing, and the readiness of the task force.
    The sea entrance is only through the ports of Batam, Tanjung Pinang and Nunukan. Meanwhile, the land entrance is only through the Aruk, Entikong and Motaain State Border Posts.

    must have proof of booking a hotel for quarantine for at least 5 days

    International arrival passengers entering Bali must first book a hotel for quarantine at their own expense for 5 days. This must be done before the tourists are active in Bali.
    "You must have proof of booking a hotel for quarantine for at least 5 days at your own expense," Luhut Binsar Panjaitan said.
    In addition, Luhut also said that not all countries of origin are allowed to enter, there are several criteria for pandemic conditions in the country of origin that are allowed to enter Bali. "What we will open will consist of several countries such as South Korea, China, Japan, Abu Dhabi Dubai, then also New Zealand," he explained.

    tourism low season in bali

    Many Indonesian and foreign tourists do not know when the low season for tourist visits to Bali is. Just information for you, the low season of tourist visits on the island of Bali occurs from the beginning of January to the end of April. In addition to that month, the low season on the island of Bali also occurs in mid-September to mid-December because this month is the rainy season. There are many advantages that tourists get when vacationing during the low season in Bali compared to holidays during the high season in Bali. The advantages such as less traffic jams, reduced crowds at tourist attractions, cheaper hotel room prices and the price of renting a private vehicle or rent a car can be negotiated a little.

    high season tourism in bali

    The high season of tourist visits on the island of Bali occurs in June, July, August, end of December and the first week of January. During the high season on the island of Bali, road traffic is very congested and congested, tourist attractions in Bali are very crowded. In addition, the price of hotel rooms is quite expensive if you compare the prices of hotel rooms during the low season. Moreover, with the construction of the Jakarta - Banyuwangi toll road, the number of private vehicles with external plates in Bali can increase 3x.

    Selama masa Covid-19 ini, lami menyediakan sewa mobil + sopir + BBM dg harga Rp 450,000/10 jam