Batukaru Temple

Pura Luhur Batukaru is adjacent to Jatiluwih, is one of the main temples in Bali, the most amazing garden temple and place of pilgrimage for Balinese Hindus. Luhur Batukaru Temple is located in Wongaya Gede Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency, built on a quiet land on the slopes of Mount Batukaru and very rarely traveled by local community activities. It is located at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level. When you first arrive, what impresses you is the serene, calm, peaceful atmosphere, the beauty of the lawn, flowering shrubs and surrounded by mountain forests on the slopes of Mount Batukaru that seem to wrap around the temple complex on all sides of the temple. Around Batukaru Temple you will find fish ponds, fresh water sources that can be drunk directly (which is used specifically to ask for holy water for ceremonial purposes), frangipani flower gardens, hibiscus flowers, a giant tropical forest that is inhabited and humid around it. The place of Batukaru Temple is located on the slopes of Mount Batukaru which was founded in the 11th century, which is a very sacred site for Hindus in Bali. That is why all visitors must carefully read and obey the temple rules which are clearly posted at the entrance. With its location high on the slopes of a mountain, it has a microclimate that is often foggy with drizzling rain which will add to the mystical and sacred atmosphere. Due to the cool climate and high rainfall (it has the highest rainfall in Bali), the sacred buildings in this temple are covered with moss.


Pura Luhur Batukaru is a temple as a place to worship God as God Mahadewa. Because its function is to worship God as a god who grows plants by using water properly, then at Luhur Batukaru Temple this is referred to as worshiping God as Ratu Hyang Tumuwuh—God's name as the one who grows. Pura Luhur Batukaru is a very sacred place. Tourists who visit must wear clothes that cover the whole body, wear sarongs and shawls at the waist. Pregnant women, menstruating women, breastfeeding mothers and babies or small children whose teeth have not been lost are not allowed to enter this temple area. If it is violated, it is believed that the spirits in this temple will disturb you when you get home, for example, the baby will cry all the time at night or you can get sick. The cure is that you have to offer offerings as an apology that can be done from your own home.
In 1959 Pura Luhur Batukaru received repairs from the Balinese government. In 1977 there was gradually more attention and assistance from the local government and until now in 2021 the situation and condition of Batukaru Temple is getting better. Road access is getting better, toilet facilities, vehicle parking, so the shape is good as it is now.
The piodalan ceremony (birthday ceremony) at this temple falls once every 210 days. Because the worshipers are so many and come from all Hindus in Bali, the ceremony is usually carried out for 3-7 days.


How to get there?

Located in the middle of the island of Bali, on the slopes of Mount Batukaru or precisely in the village of Wangaya Gede, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency. The distance is about 56 km or more than 2 hours from Bali International Airport and can be reached by motorbike because the road is quite good. In the rainy season between November and January, prepare yourself to bring a raincoat and umbrella.

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Batukaru Temple


price of admission

The price of admission to this temple is not expensive, only IDR 15,000/person and here you will get sarongs, udeng and scarves to borrow. If you want to know the price of admission tickets for all tourist attractions in Bali update 2021, please click the link below

Harga Tiket Masuk Obyek Wisata Bali 2021


tourism low season in bali

Many Indonesian and foreign tourists do not know when the low season for tourist visits to Bali is. Just information for you, the low season of tourist visits on the island of Bali occurs from the beginning of January to the end of April. In addition to that month, the low season on the island of Bali also occurs in mid-September to mid-December because this month is the rainy season. There are many advantages that tourists get when vacationing during the low season in Bali compared to holidays during the high season in Bali. The advantages such as less traffic jams, reduced crowds at tourist attractions, cheaper hotel room prices and the price of renting a private vehicle or rent a car can be negotiated a little.

high season tourism in bali

The high season of tourist visits on the island of Bali occurs in June, July, August, end of December and the first week of January. During the high season on the island of Bali, road traffic is very congested and congested, tourist attractions in Bali are very crowded. In addition, the price of hotel rooms is quite expensive if you compare the prices of hotel rooms during the low season. Moreover, with the construction of the Jakarta - Banyuwangi toll road, the number of private vehicles with foreign plates in Bali can increase 3x.

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