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08:30 – Pick up at the hotel

Ubud Monkey Forest (ticket IDR 50.000/person)

Tegalalang Rice Terrace (ticket IDR 10.000/person)

Bali Luwak Coffee Garden and Plantation - Break Time (free entrance)

Lunch at Kintamani Village for Mount Batur Volcano View and Lake (ticket IDR 30.000/person)

Tirta Empul temple, a Holly Water Park Temple (ticket IDR 30.000/person)

Batuan Temple at Batuan Village (ticket IDR 10.000/person)

Back to hotel

Tour Price : Rp 600.000/car (1 - 4 persons)

                : Rp 650.000/car (5 - 7 persons)

Included   : Full AC Private Car + Gasoline + Balinese English speaking driver

Excluded  : Car park IDR 5.000, Entrance Fee, Snack, Lunch

Duration   : 10 - 12 hours

Overtime  : Rp 50.000/hour for extra additional charge (30 minutes = 1 hour)


Ubud Kintamani Tour is the best Bali One Day Tour Package in Bali Islands to enjoy Visiting interest places at Ubud Village and continue to Kintamani for enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Batur Volcano. This Ubud Kintamani Tour will visit places of interest in Bali like watching traditional Barong and Keris Dance performance is balinese dance story about battle good and evil, then the tour continue to visit Celuk Village is traditional village for gold and silver handicraft, then tour will visit Batuan Village is a traditional balinese village with beautiful fine art, then tour continue to visit the Tirta Empul Temple or most known as a Holy Spring Temple, a myth described if this temple was build by God Indra for protect the village from the arrogant King Maya Denawa, then ubud and kintamani volcano tour will visit the Kintamani village to see the breathtaking view of mount batur volcano, is a mountain tourism object for see the view of mount batur and lake batur view, and you will having lunch in Kintamani, while having lunch you can admire the beauty of the mount batur volcano and the lake batur from the restaurant. After lunch we will visit beautiful Rice Terrace at Tegallalang village, take picture as many as you like with back ground the ubud tegalalang rice terrace, and then tour continue to visit Ubud Monkey Forest in the center of ubud town is small forest and conservation by dwelt with some group of monkeys and other tropical animals, is great moment to encounter with funny animal, after that we back to your hotel with bring a wonderful memory during this Full Day Ubud Village and Kintamani Volcano Tour. Enjoy this Ubud Kintamani Tour with our Bali Tours Driver Service during your holiday in Bali and below is a short description about the place of interest you will visit during Ubud and Kintamani Tour.

Places of Interest Will Be Visit During Bali Ubud Village and Kintamani Volcano Tour :

Ubud Monkey Forest

(Don't show your food, plastic bag with bottle of water, softdrink, etc. to the monkey)

Ubud Monkey Forest is dwelt by more than 200 monkeys belonging to long tailed monkey group in Latin language called macaques or Macaca fascicularis that has the wide distribution area. Among the number of monkeys, there are around 23 adult male monkeys, 79 adult female and more than 98 were children. All monkeys in the forest are consisted of 3 groups that occupying a certain area and use the certain place including the certain time as well. When two groups are existing in one place at the same time, hence the fight is difficult to be avoided. Those monkeys are believed by the local societies as the holy monkeys that keep the temple and forest from the bad influences.

Surrounding Area

There are three holy temples existing in this forest where all of those are predicted built in 14 century, in the beginning of Gelgel Dynasty. Dalem Agung Temple is located southwest of this forest become a main temple beside of the other two temples includes Pemandian Suci and Prajapati Temple. The other side, there are plenty of souvenir shops sell the variety of Balinese local souvenirs for tourists, the restaurants are not far from this forest and other tourist destinations such as Ubud Palace, Puri Lukisan Painting Museum, ARMA Painting Museum, Neka Painting Museum, etc.

Tegallalang Rice Terrace

Ubud Tegalalang Rice Terrace is famous tourist attraction for beautiful rice terraces, many tourists who travel to Ubud stopped at this place to witness the beauty of the verdant terraced rice field scenery or having lunch at the restaurant while enjoying the beautiful scenery of terraced rice fields. Ubud Tegalalang Rice Terrace is one of the tourist icon in Ubud Bali. The Ubud rice terrace is designed very beautiful with exquisite hollowing rice field and precisely located on the hill bank. In this place, you will see the Balinese farmer do their rice field in oblique area complete with its system irrigation.

Nowadays, Tegalalang Village is become famous because of the beautiful rice terrace that the tourist to come and see this amazing panorama. The visitors who visit this village will discover the beautiful green rice terrace on the cliff bank and understanding how does the local farmer work on it hardly to make rice. It is a beautiful site that you must go and visit directly and you will be in real Balinese ambiance.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace is sometimes to be icon of agriculture tourism for Bali and Ubud where now it was quickly developing into famous tourist destination. Some of the souvenirs shops are spread out beside of road those are all handmade at this village for tourists consume and export purpose. From Ubud we just take 25 minutes away by vehicle accessing a good road until we found it.

Bali Luwak Coffee Garden and Plantation

(Free entrance, free mix different flavor of coffee testing, 1 cup luwak coffee Rp 50.000 / USD 3,8 / Euro 3,5)

Bali Coffee Plantation is place where you can witness the various of plantation such as coffee arabica, coffee robusta, pineapple, balinesse snake fruit, and etc. experience to see how to make Balinesse coffee, try the best of balinesse coffee or ginger tea with green view river valley. They sell variety of theirs original Balinese coffee products, herb oil and etc and see the civet cat the most expensive coffee maker, wellknown as Luwak, its produce "Coffee Luwak" and the process of the bean passing through the digestive tract of the civet chemically alters the proteins in the Luwak coffee bean to yield more complex and smooth flavors, not found in conventional coffees.

History of Coffee Luwak

Coffee Luwak has a unique history behind the legend. In the early 18th century the Dutch established coffee plantations on the volcanic islands of the Dutch East Indies. This Coffee Luwak Arabica coffee hails from the mystical island of Bali.

During the early years Dutch Coffe Plantation owners forbade the local natives from harvesting and brewing the coffee beans for their own consumption. The indigenous people, being resourceful, soon discovered that the asian palm civet, favored eating coffee beans. These Luwak beans were collected, washed, sun dried and then roasted to produce a coffee with a deep richness, minus the acidity. The process of the bean passing through the digestive tract of the civet chemically alters the proteins in the Kopi Luwak coffee bean to yield more complex and smooth flavors, not found in conventional coffees.

The resulting coffee is said to be like no other in the world (literally). It has a rich, heavy flavor with hints of caramel and/or chocolate. Other terms used to describe it are earthy, musty and exotic. The body can be syrupy and it's the smoothest coffee you will ever have.

One must wonder how this coffee came to be. How was it discovered ?

Who thought of drinking coffee in which an animal would eat and then expel ?

There are many theories out there but personally this one is my favorite. It is theorized that local low income families and natives could not afford to purchase coffee since they barely had enough to survive. Therefore they picked up the Luwak's dropping and prepared them for roasting. Of course they were all well cleaned and proper steps were taken to make sure it was consumable

Guess what? . Now this coffee luwak is known as a worldwide delicacy.

Kintamani Village for Mount Batur Volcano and Lake Batur View

Kintamani Village is a name of countryside located in the hill and the beautiful panorama surround it. We can see beautiful panorama from Kintamani Village to overview the active volcano of Batur Mount and wide Lake of Batur in a valley. It is situated in the plateau area with cool weather surround it. When we stand up at Kintamani, we will be able to see the rural area which is close to the lake. Kintamani is the object of mountain tourism is very unique and stunning, with cool air condition in the daytime and cold at night. We can watch stunning natural scenery of Penelokan, a combination of Mount Batur and the expanse of black rock with Lake Batur and on a blue caldera.


Kintamani area is consisted of several village includes Kedisan, Buahan, Abang, Truyan, South Batur, Batur Center, North Batur, Sukawana and Kintamani Village. The size of this area is 160 km square. The population of this area is around 15 thousand people where most of them are farmers, merchants and rest work at tourism industry.

Batur Volcano and Lake :

Mount Batur has erupted more less 24 times since 1800 and still active until now. Cause of this eruption, that made some effects to the local community who living in this area such as moving the temples, repairing the village and re-arrange the existing traditions. Batur Lake is the largest lake in Bali functioning as a source of irrigation for the farmer around it and Balinese people generally. There are many lodges and hotels have been built including restaurants located at Kintamani and Penelokan Village.

Batur Lake

Batur Lake is a beautiful lake located in Bangli district where it is the largest lakes in Bali Island with panoramic view from the top hill village of Kintamani. It is a base of Caldera in the east and south east of Batur Mount which is resembles a crescent shape, with length approximately 7.5 km, width less than 2,5 km. The width of the lake water is about 16 km and it is set on 1031m above sea level with an estimated water depth of 70 m and contains the water above 815,38 million cubic meter. As to the other lakes in Bali such as Buyan and Tamblingan Lake, Batur Lake is also able to be enjoyed from the high place for example from Penelokan, so it looks very beautiful from a distance.

Batur People

The villagers are located at the edge of Batur Lake in the present era include Songan village, Trunyan, Abang, Buahan, and Kedisan. Trunyan village is one of the areas of Wingkang Ranu village that is most visited by tourist from domestic either foreign tourist because of Its unique  tradition and uniqueness in the burial of the body system.

Batur Lake Function

Hindu society has been functioning Mount and Lake Batur as a holy place because in the religious literatures such as the Usanga Bali, Raja Purana Ulundanu Batur and Padma Buana that Batur Mount and Lake is expressed as 'Linggih or Sthana (place) of Betarsi Dewi Danuh ( Danu Goddess ) or Betari Ulun Danu' as a power manifestation of the God Vishnu. It is also prevalent in the Lontar (palm leaves) named Sang Hyang Girinata and Sang Hyang Giriputri.

Tirta Empul Temple

Batuan Temple


Rp 600.000/car


Price Includes

Car park IDR 2.000


Private Car (Full AC)

English Speaking Driver

Price Excludes

Parking Fee up to IDR 5.000

Entrance Ticket

Tipping Driver

Mineral Water



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