ATM Transfer

We really need your payment for our operational costs, as well as a sign that you have been confirmed on our website
We guarantee, we will return your money 100% back if something happens in the future (cancellation, sickness, bad weather, personal reasons, etc.)
Very important!!! Save or screenshot your proof of transfer and send via WhatsApp

BCA bank swift code : 014

Our Bank Account

BCA (Bank Central Asia)

Account Number


Name : anak agung nyoman suparsa

Step by Step Transfer Money via ATM :
Insert the ATM Card into the Card Slot at the any ATM Machine
Select a language
Enter your ATM PIN Number
Choose Transaction Type: Select "Transfer"
Type 014 followed by our account number above
becomes 0147725240589
Enter the Nominal Money, then choose "Right"
Enter Reference Number, you can leave this part blank because it is optional
Reconfirm, You will be asked to reconfirm, choose "yes"
Successful Transfer
Transaction Complete